An image is worth 1000 words

A high quality and relevant image can make the reader pick up and purchase your book. This is where knowing your readers comes in handy, appealing to their deepest desire with an image, font face and colours can help you build an instant report with your reader.

Amazing Title

Your title is your first verbal communication with your reader, this will make them decide if they open your book or not.

Your Subtitle

This tells your reader about the benefit of your book, your irresistible offer and why they can not ignore you.

Begin now!

#1 mistake most authors make is starting to market their book after the book has been publish you can start marketing your book as soon as you have your book cover.

Let them know!

Writing a book is an honour and makes you an authority on the subject, let people know through your social media through your conversation that you are writing and publishing your book.

Stop procrastinating

Get your cover and get your book publish, don't let your muse fire you 😉

Front Cover Design

Front Cover Only (ebooks)

Print Ready Cover

Front Cover, Back cover and Spine

Bundle Edition

Print Cover, Ebook Cover, 3D Mockups